Newburgh Community Trust

Your Questions Answered

What is Newburgh Community Trust?

Newburgh Community Trust is a registered charity organisation and a company limited by guarantee. Membership is drawn mainly from the parishes of Newburgh and Abdie but members from further afield are welcome. The members are represented by seven trustees.

The Trust's status allows it to gain access to funding for community land purchase and to a variety of other funding sources not necessarily available to other local groups.

Joining The Trust

There are three grades of membership:

Fees go towards supporting Trust projects and are one-off single payments.

Use the 'Contact Us' page to obtain an application form.

What Are Our Main Aims And Objectives?

The Trust's main aim is to work alongside other community groups and agencies to protect and improve Newburgh for the good of the townsfolk, both present and future. Our more detailed objectives are:

. Get Involved And Make Newburgh A Better Place